How To Register On Google My Business?

How To Register On Google My Business?

February 22, 2021

It has become too much simpler nowadays to locate organizations or services. Do you have your company professionally listed on Google Maps? Whether you don't or would like to know how to do it differently, this post is only for you.

Why should your company be registered on Google my Business?

Google My Business can be compared with yellow pages, but only online. You certainly deserve to be found while you sell goods or services locally. This can be done through Google My Company registration.

And yes, it's also easy! It aims to provide, maintain and update the various Google services such as Google Maps and Google Search for your business knowledge.


  1. Fully open.
  2. It operates as a mini-website, listing all of your (contact) records.
  3. Everything content is clickable, which ensures more traffic to your website.
  4. Mobile-friendly, the organization would even look nice on smartphones.
  5. Any upgrades required? Your latest data is changed instantly.
  6. Get analytics on what users are searching for you, what they are clicking on, etc.
  7. Through Google Maps, people will be able to find directions to your business.
  8. Opening Hours Upgrade, the brand new website, etc.
  9. This helps with your SEO, as you have more detail and quality information.

How can I link my business to Google Maps?

Go and log-in to You can build one if you don't have an account yet, by clicking here. Go to Google My Company after logging in and click on "Manage now."

Fill in your company name and other related data, such as your address, phone number, opening hours, website, etc. You'll be able to press on 'Finish' until you're finished.

Ensure your listing is verified. This is achieved by filling out your mailing address for your business. A postcard with a code that needs to be entered will be issued to you. Of course, that'll take some time.

How to make the best out of my company with Google?

The original configuration demanded some details. But by supplying more details, remember that this is available for other Google platforms such as YouTube, you can improve the chances of Google ranking well.

Build a good profile and get the best out of your Google My business account using high-quality photos.

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics account after you're set up to see what engagement your Google Business Listing gets and to see what kind of user (demographics) clicks on your page. Free analysis on ads right there.

Google My Business also allows for comments. It is an amazing way to communicate with your clients or potential and to illustrate that you are an active listener. Stimulate your new clients and generate social data for you and have a recommendation. Good exposure with limited effort.

And if people write bad reviews, they respond respectfully and courteously, and you will nevertheless come out as the winner. If you're interested in how bad feedback can be treated, then check out this blog that we made.

If you need support to professionally represent your business contact Top Digital Marketing Company to register your business with Google.