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Directive Consignment Store Opens First Location in Idaho

California's Directive Consignment Store - Opens first Drop-Off Consignment Store in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho — Directive Consignment Store, www.directiveconsignmentstore.com one of the nation’s premier drop-off consignment store, that simplifies the entire process of converting valuable items into cash. Can sell virtually anything that has an auction value of $150.00 or more. The clients will remain secure, while they do all the work, conduct research, photograph and write an full, detailed and accurate description of your item! The also offer packing, shipping and business services dedicated to customers!
Directive Consignment Store announced today the opening of a new drop-Off consignment store in Boise area. This location will be their first consignment store in the state of Idaho, as well as the first location for Ryan Boleman, who plan to open additional stores in the Boise, ID area. Directive Consignment Store will be offering, more online and off line services to the under-served community of Idaho.

“After experiencing the sales solutions that Directive Consignment Store offers firsthand, I knew I wanted to offer those same services to people throughout Boise, Idaho” said Ryan Boleman, a retail professional with years of experience as the Directive Consignment Store, President/CEO. “Directive Consignment Store go above and beyond to treat people as people, instead of as buy and sell transactions. I am thrilled to introduce Boise residents to the comprehensive solutions that Directive Consignment Store can offer for both businesses and individual consumers.”

On Saturday, October 26, the Boise Directive Consignment Store store located at 350 N MILWAUKEE ST. will celebrate its grand opening. As part of the grand opening, there will be a sweepstakes for a new CanAm Commander utv. Sweepstakes entry forms available in their store only, no purchase necessary. Ryan Boleman CEO of Directive Consignment Store, will be attending the grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration. This store will be the first Directive Consignment Store store in Boise, joining the exclusive chain of nationwide locations.

Based in Lakewood, California, Directive Consignment Store, which presents itself as more than a drop off consignment store, has established itself as a leading provider of a wide array of business and personal services too, offering convenient access to shipping with all leading carriers, free drop-offs accepted from most carriers, freight, creative services, and other hard to find services. The original service offered, was an online sales support service for people who want to turn items into cash by selling them online but are uncomfortable, inexperienced or just don’t have the time to do it themselves. Their consignment-selling services does everything from start to finish. Once an item sells they ship the item to the buyer and send a check to the seller. Customers can also bring their items in for a free value assessment.

Directive Consignment Store implements intensive, personalized training for all franchisees to ensure that service is the highest priority in all opened stores. The company frequently offers new items and services that cannot be found elsewhere to improve customer service and convenience.

“Adam Briggs is exactly the right entrepreneur to grow our brand in Boise, Idaho area” said Boleman. “His business experience is tremendous, and we’re excited to see Adam fill the niche for these particular services in your region.”

There are Directive Consignment Store franchise stores in 13 states across the United States. The retail business model is awarding franchise opportunities to qualified individuals who share the company’s commitment to owner/operator involvement in the business and who will be dedicated to superior customer service.

About Directive Consignment Store
Founded in 2009, Directive Consignment Store is a national franchise chain of auction consignment company based in Lakewood, CA 90712. Directive Consignment Store simplifies the entire process of converting valuable items into cash. Can sell virtually anything that has an auction value of $150.00 or more. The clients will remain secure, while we do all the work for them. Directive Consignment Store operates a fleet of trucks and has more than 50 distribution centers/warehouses. Clients may call or log onto (www.directiveconsignmentstore.com) to arrange an appointment where our trading assistants will retrieve valuable items from the clients home, business or storage facility at a time convenient to them. Items are then transported to one of our distribution centers/warehouses where they are professionally photographed and a description is written. The items are listed on eBay or other reputable on-line platforms like Craigslist. Our staff will answer all potential questions from perspective buyers and once payment has been collected, we will package and ship the items to their new owner!

Directive Consignment Store
5100 Lakewood Blvd,
Lakewood, CA 90712

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